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Help & Support

General information

What is iloveyou.dating about?

iloveyou.dating is a dating website. At iloveyou.dating you can take your online dating even further by exploring a membership of singles from around the world. We bring you far more than just meeting matches in your own local area. Here, you have the chance to find love and romance with members from across the world. You can create a profile, search for other members who interest you and make contact using great features. No matter where you are in the world, you can get closer to people from a range of cultures and countries.

How can I become a member?

Click on ‘Join us!’ link, fill in the registration form properly, press 'Join us!' button at the bottom of the page and your profile will be added to database. Please, note and keep confidential your login details (email address and password).

What languages are available on this website?

Our website is available in other languages. You can change your language preference by hovering over the language bar in the top right corner of any page, then clicking the language you wish to switch to.

Can I use this website on a smartphone?

Yes you can. We have our very own mobile platform. Simply enter iloveyou.dating using an internet browser on your mobile and log in straight into the site. Our mobile site allows you to make searches, send and receive messages, and chat to other members, all from the palm of your hand. That means you don't have to wait until you're at a computer to check your account, because you can search for members and arrange dates on the go.
Membership, upgrades, payments

What are the membership prices?

The 'Free membership' is free. The 'Gold membership' one off cost is USD24 for a year. We don't do auto-renewals.

What are the benefits of the Gold Membership?

When you upgrade your account to Gold Membership, you can use all of the features that our site has to offer. You'll be able to read messages from free members. Free members will be able to read your messages.

How do I upgrade my membership?

To upgrade your account, follow these simple steps: head over to the Membership page, then just simply click the 'Pay Now' button. We utilize PayPal as preferred secure payment method.

How do I change what emails I receive?

To help you get the most out of your membership, we send you emails to make sure you don't miss anything. You can choose which emails you receive by going to 'My notifications'. Remember that you can change your notifications settings as many times as you like so you can tailor what emails you receive to suit your needs. To stop receiving emails or newsletters, switch all your notifications off.

How do I delete my membership?

In the case you wish to delete your account, simply login; on 'Activity' page click 'Edit my profile details'; on bottom of page click 'Delete my profile'.

We would sincerely appreciate it if you also outline the reason for deleting your account. The quality of our services is of utmost importance to us and your feedback is highly important.

If you have found your second half, we would love to hear all about your success story. Please do let us know if you don't mind sharing it with us. After all, this is great news for us too.

Can I reactivate my deleted profile?

No, your deleted profile cannot be reactivated. Your old profile is deleted with all information and pictures. To create a new profile, please follow the 'Join us!' link. If you had a paid membership let us know, and we'll reactivate access to all our services for you as privileged member.

Can I upgrade my membership free of charge?

This option is also described in the welcome message sent to you upon signing up. If you'd like to upgrade to a free 12-month Gold membership, send us your request through our 'Contact Us' page. For this all you have to do is to have a proper profile with your avatar and an album picture, and like our Facebook page at facebook.com/iloveyou.plus
Using website features

How do I do a search?

You can search for other members quickly and easily by going to the 'Search' page, where you can set your search criteria. If you're looking for a specific type of person, you can search by location, age, relationship type, ethnicity, nationality, marital status, children, education, and religion by setting filters. You can also find members using 'Quick search' from 'My activity' page, specifying gender, age range, and with photos only.

How do I add a photo to the album?

There are a number of ways to upload a photo to your profile. Uploading a file on my computer: head over to the photos section of your profile; click on the 'Add new photo' link; using ‘Browse’ or ‘Choose File’, find the photo you want to upload; select ‘Open’. Now all that’s left to do is ‘Upload your photo’. Your photos will then be checked by our team for approval.

What sort of photos can I upload?

Your photo should be recent. It should be a clear representation of you and the things you like doing. We'd recommend that you upload a good quality, well lit photo that clearly shows your head and shoulders. It’s a good idea to upload more than one photo and to include photos of you doing things that you like doing to show off your personality. Avoid uploading low quality photos or ID photos.

Photos won’t be approved if they: include a group of people - your photo should just be of you; have been taken from the internet and aren't of you; that contain text or contact details; that have been obviously edited.

If your photo upload failed, it could be because the file you uploaded wasn't in a file format that the system supports. Photos need to be in a JPG or PNG format.

Why should I upload a photo?

We all like to know who we're talking to, so for this reason it's important to have a photo on your profile. Not only does it help others to better connect with you, but it also makes your profile stand out. A photo is the difference between a member contacting you or moving onto the next profile. Simply put, uploading a photo to your profile hugely increases your chances of being contacted by other members.

How do I delete a photo?

To delete a photo, follow these simple steps: go to 'Activity', click 'View my profile', then click 'Photo albums' widget window. Hover at top right corner menu on the photo and then click 'Delete'.

How can I message another member?

There's a row of buttons on every profile that sits under the member's name. This is where the 'Send message' button sits. Click the button to send a message. A window pops up; write your subject line and message there. When you've done hit the 'Send' button. Be sure to add in a catchy subject line, write your elaborate message and hit 'Send'. You can also attach a picture. Saying just "Hi!" or sending a distasteful picture of yourself won't impress anyone.

You can also do chat. At the right bottom of the page there's the 'Chat' window, type in your contact's name to search. When you found the specific member type your chat message to 'Write message here...'; then hit the enter button.
Safety and data protection

How is my privacy protected on this website?

We take the privacy of our members extremely seriously. We do not store anywhere at all, we do not have access to, we do not know any of - your name, your address, your bank card details. We use PayPal for transactions when upgrading from Free to Gold membership.

What can I do to avoid scamming?

Our purpose is to make the service safe and efficient for you. Anti-scam program protects our users from various scammers. Please remember: do not send any money to strangers you have never met! If some user has sent you a request for money for internet usage, correspondence, translations, visa, flight tickets, sick relatives, etc. or a suspicious offer from someone, who can ask you to cash a check, to open or fund a PayPal account, to help to transfer funds from bank accounts, etc., please ignore the message and contact us. We'll investigate and suspend this user. We appreciate your help in recognizing scammers.

What if I'm contacted by a non-genuine member?

We take your safety extremally seriously. In the rare event that you're contacted by a member who you believe is an online dating scammer, please use the 'Report abuse' button to alert our team. You can find the button on the menu bar of every profile. When you report a profile, we'll review it as soon as possible. We can't let you know what happens to the profiles that you report for confidentiality purposes, however, you can rest assured knowing that we review each and every reported profile with thorough care and attention.